Tiger Balm – A Brand

tiger balm, the world’s fastest and instant pain relief ointment and also one of the largest and leading brands, it has marked a reputed name and is known for its trusted products. Countries like Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia are using it. It is the most effective pain relief ointment which was introduced in the market in late 1870’s. And it has stayed in the market since then. It is a brand name today. Let’s be honest, how many of us know any other brands of pain relief ointment? May be if we scratch our head for enough time we will find one. But tiger balm is the name associated; it comes right away to solve the little inconveniences.

There isn’t any age caption to use this product. It can be used by any age groups although you would want to keep it away from children. This ointment is proven safe to use, as it is herbal and made up of special ingredients for instant relief. The essence of the ointment is very refreshing and smooth to balance the pain. It penetrates heat to muscles to reduce the pain.

It is noticed that the ointment is good for arthritis. It is voted people’s number one choice by those who are suffering from terrible joint pain. But, it should be kept away from any eye contact and from wounds. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before using the ointment. People, who are allergic to some creams, should apply on a small area of the skin first, to test before they apply properly in large quantity. It is dangerous if one swallows it accidentally, must consult a doctor immediately. Tiger balm is meant for application on skin only and any other accidental route of administration shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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