The Bean Pasta and Noodles gives you nutrients for your growth

In the meals ready-to-eat category, Gafell offers bean pasta and noodles choice. These are special noodles which Gafell produces with organic soybeans and water. Unlike regular pasta, the bean pasta produced by Gafell is packed with protein and fibers and at the same time they have low carbohydrate content. Cooking these pasta and noodles is easy as it gets. They can be cooked wonderfully in classic Chinese recipes as well as with the consumers’ favourite Italian Pasta dishes.

Just by making a simple, healthy change people can enjoy food like they used to before. All that they need to do is swap their traditional noodles and pasta with Gafell’s gluten-free and best frozen lasagna and noodles. Unlike other gluten free lasagna, Gafell’s black bean pasta doesn’t easily overcook and retain their bouncy nature after cooking.

There are many advantages of consuming Gafell’s bean pasta and noodles:
1. High protein and fibre for the human body
2. The ingredients used are 100% organic and certified by the USDA
3. Suitable for vegetarian and vegan athletes
4. Low GI
5. Not even a single trace of preservatives or additives

One such product of Gafell which contains black bean is the Black Bean Spaghetti. The Spaghetti cooks in just under 5 minutes. This is helpful for the consumer to whip up their favourite pasta dish in no time and at the same time enjoy a healthy glow that the protein and fibre-rich spaghetti provides. The spaghetti is ideal for people who try to be on a diet. This is because they have a low carb and GI content, organic and gluten-free black bean spaghetti which are perfect replacement for everyone’s favourite dishes.

The method of preparation of the spaghetti is also very simple. All that a person needs to do is add the spaghetti to a bowl of water and boil it for five minutes.

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