The best Heat Logs in the market

Because we value your time and your well-being is our satisfaction in our company “Lekto Wood Fuels” the fundamental purpose is to simplify your life by making the process of searching, selecting and buying the fuel for your multi-fuel burner or wood-burning stove fast, friendly and simple.

We have the most complete and current stock of logs for sale duly selected and classified, as we ensure that our products are the highest quality in the market and with the latest advances in the world of wood fuels. For our company, it is vital that its extraction and processing be in harmony with the conservation and preservation of the environment.

With our products, we guarantee that the heat logs in your rooms are maintained at the appropriate levels so that you and yours can carry out your daily activities normally.

Let us tell you about the advantages of the products we sell on our website: The kiln dried logs we sell have a minimum humidity that guarantees reliability in the quality and durability of the fire, they are ideal for use in fireplaces, wood stoves and even in open fires such as barbecues, because their low percentage of humidity burns at higher temperatures and duration is maintained for much longer; Another of the most sold products are the bark briquettes which are 100% ecologies, yielding and very easy to store; not to mention that the heat log for these pieces is very high and for very low humidity level; of barely 9%, it manages to reach very high temperatures in a few minutes and maintain it for much longer, a great advantage over firewood of traditional origin. Another advantage in our company is that since it is of natural origin, its ash can later be used as a fertilizer in your garden.