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The implementation of the accounting comes from the fourteenth century, when the need arises to keep a faithful and accurate record of all commercial transactions that were made at the time, in order to analyze the progress or correct the failures that were presented with the income of money. Beginning to fill journal books and register each monetary operation, in order to make a balance every certain time and compare the profitability of the business.

With the passage of time, the technique was perfected and useful controls were added to observe the performance, arriving to invent computerized systems that facilitate the registration of the numbers and the obtaining of results by specialized professionals called Accountants, who are in charge of keep accounts of a company, paying attention to the current government legislation and dealing with the movement of money within the company, either for payroll payments of employees, payment of bills and services, taxes, accounts of the company, carry the books Accountants to offer timely information to the client when requested, present Annual Reports where they reflect performance and advise in relation to the strategies to follow to continue growing.
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