Every time you study for one hour or 50-minutes, just make sure you take a 10 minutes break after it. Research has shown that long study hours in a particular position decreases your level of concentration and also affects your body health. It is usually advised that you should prefer walking or practice mild exercises after a table work of more than half an hour.

Perfume is the most intense form of memory. The perfume is what they remember while studying. Students can apply perfume as it acts as a strong memory. This is quite different but very useful and helpful. Use study tips to put some perfume whenever you study. Where you go out, try to put same perfume, the reason is perfume has a stronger smell and whenever you apply the same perfume you can remember things for long time and much easier. Here is a life hack about perfume, perfume act as a cocktail of memories and acts as a message wherever you are. When you are using perfume while study and then use the same when you outside then this fragrance act as a message to learn things again and again because perfume follows you, it chases you and lingers behind you. Apart from this you can use another school tips.

Change your location while studying after a great interval of time. Try to change your location, if you are studying more hours at one desk, it will have converted your mood in boredom and uninspired. Study shows, you gain more while studying when you change your location or your surroundings that your brain will function more appropriately. Go back to school, there is a great environment in the morning where you can study freshly and grasp more information. You can go to park, silent coffee or library to gain more knowledge.

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