Pranks- what are the benefits of playing a prank?

Are you planning to tease your friend or someone else? If yes, then playing pranks is the best option available in front of you. There are different kinds of prank that you can play on your friends to make them tease or teach them a lesson. Pranks are also considered as the best medicine that helps people in improving their immune system, improves alertness and protect the heart. If you are in need to play a prank on your friends of the family, then there are several benefits of playing where some of which are listed in the below contest.

So here are the benefits of playing pranks:

 Lower the blood pressure- when you play harmless pranks on your friends or family, this will easily make them laugh and feel better. Laughing is considered as the best medicine that helps people in lowering the blood pressure to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. If you daily get a dose of laughter by your friends, it will help you to stay healthy.

 Reduce the stress level- there are times when people due to heavy work load or any other tension take stress which not only affects them but their body too. If you are seeing the same condition occurring with your friend, then it is best to play pranks on your friend to make them smile and laugh this will help them in reducing the stress level and make them happy.

 Make holidays memorable- when you are on holiday with your cousins or friends playing a prank is excellent. This not only makes a special bond between you and your friend but makes holidays memorable. Even if you are not playing a prank, watching a funny video can create a smile on your face making you feel better.

So these were the few benefits of playing pranks.

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